Vacation should be a time to relax, have fun, enjoy the fun & sun, and make memories. When renting a pontoon or jet ski at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can do a few things beforehand to ensure a smooth ride on the lake. In this helpful article, we highlight a few of the more common considerations and also help guide you on a few you maybe haven’t thought of. 

Ben Franklin famously said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We find that to be especially accurate on the water when boating. We are here to make sure you have everything you need and everything you hope you won’t need (fire extinguisher) as well. 

Before You Launch Your Pontoon Rental On The Lake Of The Ozarks

This is the side of boating that we never like to discuss, however, it is a reality that we all need to be aware of. Boaters’ safety saves lives- period. Based on data collected by the US Coast Guard, over 70% of deaths happened on boats where the operator did not receive boater safety instructions. 

Taking a boaters education course is something we highly recommend everyone take, or at a minimum read through this handbook of Missouri boating laws and responsibilities. You can take the course online or in person. 

If you were born on or after January 1st, 1984 it is required by law that you take the boaters safety course. Additionally in order to rent a pontoon in the Lake of the Ozarks or anywhere in Missouri you must have a boaters education card.  

Everything that you need to know to get on the water legally and safely can be found on the Missouri Boaters Education website. This is one of the best resources you can find to help save your life and the lives of other boaters. Investing a little time now can pay dividends later. It is a small amount of effort for what you receive in return. 

Safety First With Your Lake of The Ozarks Boat Rental 

Here at Shiny Rock Boats we take every precaution to make sure your Lake of the Ozarks pontoon boat rental experience is safe for everyone. However to error is to be human, and you can’t control other people’s actions on the water. That is why we always make sure you have the following: 

When it comes to life jackets, there must be one Coast Guard approved life jacket for every person on the pontoon. We make sure to have the appropriate number of life jackets on board. It is a law that anyone age 7 or under is required to wear a life jacket at all times. 

Having a throwable device on board in case of an emergency is critical. We provide this, because otherwise what people believe passes for an acceptable “flotation device” becomes a very arbitrary term. This is to ensure people are able to stay above water in case of an emergency.

No Captain For The Captain When Renting A Pontoon At The Lake Of The Ozarks

While enjoying some refreshments and the water goes hand in hand, it is best to have a designated captain while on the water. Many of the same laws and penalties apply to Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). The law is .08 BAC (blood alcohol level) and is heavily enforced on the water. 

If you are wanting to enjoy some refreshments while on the water with friends and family, take advantage of our Captain Services provided by Larry. He knows the lake well and provides a great service that allows everyone to enjoy their day. 

Let’s Get Started With Your Lake Of The Ozarks Boat Rental Today 

We are here to help you enjoy your stay in this beautiful part of the United States. Now that you know what to expect, and how to boat safely, let’s make sure we lock in the dates for your rental so you can enjoy the lake and all it has to offer.